Helping Startups Grow

How we work with our clients

We cater to startups and we’ve been in your shoes, having been in a position where we needed to make sure that every dime we spent mattered.  One of our startups was bootstrapped all the way to its acquisition, so we spent money like it was ours (which it was).  As a result, we work really hard to make sure that:

  • Our services are well priced for early stage companies
  • We provide effective results

We don’t (and shouldn’t) take on every potential client.  We look for clients that can benefit the most from our and our partner’s skill sets, and where we have great chemistry with the founders.  Our feedback is direct, honest and never sugar-coated, but always given with the goal of helping you be successful.

For projects with a near term deliverable, we work on a project basis.  For longer term goals, we offer monthly retainer packages, so that your costs are predictable.  You can stop after a month and restart when you need us.  When on retainer, you can use any of our services during the month.

After any engagement, we remain available to you for as long as you wish for monthly advisory calls or meetings, at no charge. We’re here to help you be successful beyond a few projects.

In certain cases, we can structure our fees as part cash, equity, or revenue share. We can be creative and look for a structure that insures that we deliver results without breaking your bank.  Ask us about our “Prove we’re worth it” payment structure.

Our Startup Acceleration Services

Strategic Planning

As part of your strategic planning arsenal, we can:

  • Review and suggest improvements to your strategic plan
  • Review and augment your Go-to-Market plan
  • Audit your digital marketing strategy for opportunities for reducing acquisition costs
  • Review your financial forecasts to find opportunities to improve margins and operating results
  • Work with you on strategic partnership strategies to increase your reach and acquire customers and leads

Business Development

We’ll work with you on your business development strategy and execution.  Specifically, we can:

  • Help you come up with creative partnership strategies as part of your Go-to-Market and Growth strategies
  • Help you develop target lists for partnerships
  • Make introductions for you to decision makers at potential partners
  • Help you draft and negotiate terms for partnerships
  • Help you select and setup tools to track, monitor and follow up on your bizdev pipeline

Hands-On Execution

We don’t just offer advice, planning and strategy.  We offer Interim Executive services, where we roll up our sleeves and work with you to execute.  We’ll put our experience to work for you directly to:

  • Set up and manage your Marketing and Sales Operations
  • Set up and manage KPI development, tracking, and reporting
  • Audit, create, update or improve financial projections
  • Find, recruit and manage remote resources
  • Create Board presentations
  • Do Project Management
  • Assist with Advisory Board recruiting

Funding Prep

The funding process is generally a lot of trial and error. We help you avoid some of the errors to help accelerate your process.  We do that by working with you to:

  • Refine your funding narrative. There are dozens of ways to explain what your product/service is and does.  We help you find an approach that will resonate with investors
  • Optimize your Pitch Deck. We’ll work with you to help make the biggest impact in 10-14 slides so that you make the most of your pitching opportunities
  • Introduce you to people in our funding network
  • Coach you on effective presentation techniques and work with you on how to answer the questions that will undoubtedly come up
  • Edit your Executive 1-Pager
  • Hone your strategy on who to approach and how
  • Make sure that your financial models are ready for prime time


From helping you set up and service your MVP to working with you to get your infrastructure ready for scaling, we lend our operations experience to you to:

  • Find, negotiate and onboard new vendors
  • Select, setup and train staff on Project management and Customer Relationship tools
  • Streamline and automate your current processes
  • Create management dashboards to track critical elements/metrics of the business

Talent Development

We’ve hired, trained and developed hundreds of people and can assist in your talent development efforts through:

  • 1:1 Mentoring and training
  • Sales tactics and sales software training
  • Software systems training, including CRM and project management tools

Like Having a Custom Accelerator

Working with us is like going through a startup accelerator, but with your data, your use cases, your customer profiles and your specific needs. We'll fill your short term experience gaps and train you where it's needed.